Effects of Age & Schooling on Emergent Literacy & Early Reading Skills?

Answer Reading skills are the most crucial aspect of academic development, since the majority of the knowledge in school is conveyed through the written word. Language skills also play a major role in the... Read More »

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If you teach Pre-K to third grade special ed and use assistive reading technology have you seen an increase in students' early literacy skills after using it for an extended period of time?

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How to Enhance Emergent Literacy Skills With Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard Technology?

Emergent literacy skills form the basis for later reading and writing. Recognizing pictures in a book and retelling stories are forms of emergent literacy skills. Smart Board technologies use an i... Read More »

How to Use Children's Literature and Cooking Activities to Teach Early Literacy Skills?

Children's literature is full of references to foods and to other ideas that can inspire "cooking" activties for preschool-age children. The skills developed through these activities include: pre-m... Read More »

Do you use assistive reading technology in your special ed classroom in order to improve literacy skills?

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