Effects of Acid Rain on Ecosystems?

Answer Acid rain forms when emissions containing high amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids interact with the environment. These discharges come from factory pollution as well as from natural sources like ... Read More »

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Acid Rain Effects on Roofing?

Acid rain negatively affects human health. Acid rain also has a long-lasting and damaging affect on lakes, streams and aquatic animals, forests and automotive coatings. Acid rain also tears down bu... Read More »

The Effects of Acid Rain on Wildlife?

Acid rain is a dangerous form of pollution that can affect entire ecosystems. It results from sulfur and nitrogen contaminants in the air -- mostly from burning coal -- that produce acidic rainwate... Read More »

Acid Rain Effects on Cars?

Acid rain is not a good thing, and it's getting worse. According to the Encyclopedia of Earth, as global economies grow, fossil fuel combustion also will rise, further spreading acid rain, which wi... Read More »

Acid Rain Effects on Living Organisms?

Pollution travels. It may start in New York and come down as acid rain in Ontario, Canada. Acid rain is a global problem that affects all forms of life. Individuals can take small actions that make... Read More »