Effects After Being Shot in a Bullet Proof Vest?

Answer Police officers, members of the military and federal agents all wear bulletproof vests in certain situations. Most bulletproof vests are not 100 percent bulletproof, but do a very good job of stopp... Read More »

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Which part of the human body would produce the least disabling effects when shot by a single bullet from a gun?

Good question :) ... Even though I don't know either you and your background, you sound like you either studied this subject before ("for fun") or you're actually someone with a medical field. I am... Read More »

Will a Class 3 bulletproof vest stop a .306 bullet?

A Class 3 bulletproof vest is designed to defeat handgun ammunition, including the powerful .44 Magnum bullet, but it will not stop a .308 bullet (or any other comparable rifle bullet). However, if... Read More »

How to Make a Ray Gun Proof Vest?

Having trouble when playing those role-playing pesky aliens with their Ray-Guns and light based weaponry? Here is a suggestion for making a great jacket to wear in your alien role playing games.

How Does a Stab Proof Vest Work?

To call any sort of stab vest "proof" is a misnomer. There are no vests that are completely impenetrable by knives. There are vests that are resistant to knife penetration, though, which is why thi... Read More »