Effectiveness of Clorox in Black Mold Extermination?

Answer The presence of black mold inside the home can damage the structure of the home and the health of those who live in it. Mold begins to grow quickly in damp, humid conditions, usually within 24 to 4... Read More »

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How do I get rid of mold on the walls without using Clorox?

Remove the MoldScrub the walls infected with mold with a mild detergent solution composed of laundry detergent and warm water. Use a hard-bristled brush or a rag to scrub with. Allow the wall to dr... Read More »

Will Clorox kill mold?

Clorox will kill mold. Clorox, which is a bleach-based cleaner, will not only break down the mold and associated allergens, it will also remove any mold stains that the mold may leave behind.Refere... Read More »

How to Kill Bathroom Mold With Clorox?

Mold is a common and unattractive problem for bathrooms. The warmth and humidity of these rooms offers the perfect growing environment for fungus spores. Mold appears as colored (usually green or b... Read More »

Effectiveness of Black Soap on Acne?

Natural black soap is traditionally made in Ghana, West Africa and Nigeria. It is made from a mixture of roasted cocoa pods, plantain skin ashes, palm or coconut oil, and shea butter. ... Read More »