Effective Writing Techniques?

Answer With computers, texting and Internet communication so pervasive in society, writing well is an important skill. People make judgments about your intelligence, competence and desirability based on y... Read More »

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The Techniques of Effective Writing and Speaking?

Effective writing and speaking is an art developed over time. When you practice writing and speaking on a regular basis, you will find out what is effective and what is not. Paying attention to wha... Read More »

Effective Memorization Techniques?

When you have to memorize a name, a date or a phone number, repeating it a few times can make it stick in your mind. However, if you must absorb a great amount of information in a short time---like... Read More »

Techniques for Effective Teaching?

Teaching is a challenging and likewise rewarding career. Good teachers are creative, energetic and passionate about their job to inspire lifelong learners. Effective teachers constantly looks for w... Read More »

Effective Email Communication Techniques?

E-mail offers an efficient means of communication, allowing you to receive quick answers to your questions or notify people about a meeting without making multiple phone calls. But e-mail can also ... Read More »