Education and Writing Activities?

Answer Writing teaches self expression, reflection and insight. Using writing in education lays the foundation for confidence in writing. By utilizing formal and informal writing activities in the classro... Read More »

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Elementary Writing Activities for Special Education?

Children with learning disabilities can become frustrated with writing assignments because they struggle with the mechanical or organizational components of writing. There are writing activities te... Read More »

Writing Tools for Special Education?

Students in special education may have disabilities that can make writing a challenging task. Special education teachers can use various writing tools in their classrooms to enable their students t... Read More »

Special Education Letter Writing Exercises?

Special education classes are designed for students with particular educational needs outside of a traditional classroom. A letter writing exercise can be ideal for these students to help them deve... Read More »

Writing Tools for Special Education Students?

There is no silver bullet that can destroy the difficulties that students with special needs experience with writing. There are, however, many tools and strategies educators can employ so as to aid... Read More »