Educate me on HDTVs?

Answer There are three types of TV's, all have pros and cons for your needs.Plasma - Best picture, expensive for a large size, burn in is definatly an issue with video games that have constant static imag... Read More »

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How much more expensive were hdtvs then sdtvs when hdtvs were introduced?

Are lcd hdtvs as reliable as oled hdtvs?

OLED TVs have a much shorter lifespan than LCD TVs and may have burn in issues. LCD TVs are a proven technology and are much more reliable at this point.

Important Things to Know About LCD HDTVs?

Liquid crystal display high-definition televisions owe their excellent visual displays to the millions of pixels on each of their frames. An HDTV has around two million pixels per frame, which is a... Read More »

Who makes viore lcd hdtvs?

According to their Tech Support who I called yesterday regarding remote codes, Akai made the TV's until about 2 years ago. Now they say that Viore manufactures much of the TV with some of the major... Read More »