Educate me on HDTVs?

Answer There are three types of TV's, all have pros and cons for your needs.Plasma - Best picture, expensive for a large size, burn in is definatly an issue with video games that have constant static imag... Read More »

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How much more expensive were hdtvs then sdtvs when hdtvs were introduced?

Are lcd hdtvs as reliable as oled hdtvs?

OLED TVs have a much shorter lifespan than LCD TVs and may have burn in issues. LCD TVs are a proven technology and are much more reliable at this point.

Are the Bestbuy display HDTVs in HD?

Most of the programming shown, is in HD, with a few exceptions. The problem at let's say Best they have 100 different sets running the same feed....and because of this, the quality of the ... Read More »

Who makes viore lcd hdtvs?

According to their Tech Support who I called yesterday regarding remote codes, Akai made the TV's until about 2 years ago. Now they say that Viore manufactures much of the TV with some of the major... Read More »