Editing video from camcorder?

Answer You can use VideoSpin from pinnacle, have more features than Movie Maker, can handle a lot more file formats, is more user friendly and its free.

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I want to edit video from my camcorder, what is the best format to use for editing..avi, mpg..etc?

Bit of a confusing question....convolute it is.You say "what is the best format use for editing ..avi, mpg..etc." then you say "So it can be played on different formats without compromising video q... Read More »

What is a good camcorder for uploading to the internet and/or video editing?

you could check out the Sony HDR-FX1 it may suit your needs good luck

Is sony vegas video editing software free or with any discount when you buy a sony camcorder?

I don't think so, though it's got to be worth haggling if you're buying them from the same shop. Sony's a big company - there isn't much of a connection between the different groups.B&H have Vegas... Read More »

Video editing, is the video card relevant when convering video formats?

It does actually, though I assume it would be dependent on the software to some extent.Since I didn't know how much of a difference it made (only that it did make a difference), I timed it.Using Xi... Read More »