Editing Techniques for Camera Angles, Music and Voice Overs?

Answer The process of shooting a movie doesn't necessarily follow the same chronological order as how you see it on screen. Planning which locations and actors to use and which scene to shoot depends on m... Read More »

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Camera Techniques & Angles?

Filmmakers use different cinematic techniques, shots and angles to convey a certain effect. There are many film-making techniques, limited only by the director's imagination. Still, a few common on... Read More »

How to Be Employed to Do Voice Overs?

A voice over artist is always heard and rarely seen. He uses his voice as a tool to captivate and persuade an audience. Essentially, he is an actor. Just as an actor has to study his craft in order... Read More »

Who does the voice overs for ESPN?

How to Do Voice-Overs From Home?

A voice-over is also referred to as "dubbing." It is the act of taking your own voice and putting it over some kind of video clip. It is how all animated movies with lines are made, and is very eff... Read More »