Edible cake toppers for kids?


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How to Choose the Best Monogram Cake Toppers?

One of the wedding items that sometimes gets left until last is the decoration that will go on top of a wedding cake. Couples often consider a set of monogram cake toppers, which can make a wedding... Read More »

What are cake monogram toppers made of?

Cake monogram toppers can be made using a number of recipes, the most common of which is royal icing. Royal icing is made using powdered sugar and meringue powder and is preferred because it dries ... Read More »

Who makes custom made cake toppers?

Custom cake toppers can give extra character and personalization to a cake for a special occasion. makes custom cake toppers using your photograph to make a cake topper that looks li... Read More »

The Best Places to Buy Wedding Cake Toppers?

From setting the date to finding the dress, there is a lot of planning and searching that goes into a wedding. Even after you've picked the baker and style of your cake, you'll want to find the per... Read More »