Edible Lavender Plants?

Answer Although it is best known for its fragrance in perfumes and sachets, lavender has been used as a culinary herb for hundreds of years. A number of species and varieties of lavender plants are used a... Read More »

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Lavender Hedging Plants?

Lavender is known worldwide for its healing properties, enchanting fragrance and beautiful color. It also makes a beautiful hedging plant in nearly any location. Surprisingly, the worse the soil, t... Read More »

How to Replant Lavender Plants?

According to Clemson University's Extension Office, it's a good idea to divide and replant perennials, such as lavender, to control their spread in one place, restore their energy, and propagate th... Read More »

Can I take cuttings from lavender plants?

yes, now is the right time. Take cuttings 5 - 8 cm long. Take of the lower leaves. Dip the end in growing hormone for plants. 3 - 5 cuttings in a black plastic pot with potting soil. Put the cutti... Read More »

How do I transplant lavender plants?

PreparationTransplant lavender in late autumn or early spring. Water all of the plants thoroughly before lifting them. Remove any remaining blossoms and cut back any long or scraggly roots with sha... Read More »