Edgy Haircuts for Girls?

Answer If you are a girl who likes to take chances and doesn't mind risk, design a haircut that matches your love for life on the wild side. Experiment with color, hair length and layer depth to create a ... Read More »

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Emo Edgy Short Haircuts for Girls?

The Emo movement, short for emotional rock, is one of rising popularity with many bands and songs in this genre topping music charts. The emo music genre has a specific style associated with it as ... Read More »

Edgy Hairstyles for Girls?

Hair is an amazing accessory, available immediately and all the time, able to be customized, changed and fashioned according to the occasion or a whim. For a party, it may be styled into an elegant... Read More »

Scene Haircuts & Emo Haircuts for Girls?

The scene and emo hair cuts are very similar but have a few main differences. Scene hair can be very shaggy and sleek or have lots of volume. It also seems to be a little more defined than the emo ... Read More »

Emo Haircuts for Girls Only?

Many of the "emo" style of haircuts are androgynous--they can be worn by both girls and guys. If you are a girl and you want an emo haircut that is exclusively feminine, there are a few you can cho... Read More »