Edging for a Raised Flower Bed?

Answer Raised flower beds are freestanding gardens on top of existing soil. Contained by edging that surrounds the bed's soil, raised flower beds allow gardeners to avoid problems with the underlying soil... Read More »

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How do I make a raised flower bed?

LocationFind a level spot that receives at least five to six hours of sunlight so plants have sufficient energy for proper growth. Measure the area. Draw your plan on a sheet of grid paper. Make be... Read More »

What materials should one use to make raised flower beds?

Raised flower beds are better for your plants because excess water drains better and you have more control over the condition of your beds, according to Raised Garden Beds. There are a variety of m... Read More »

How do I stop weeds growing up into raised flower beds?

PreventionPrevent weed growth by removing weeds before they proliferate. Diligence in pulling, digging and removing weeds by hand as they break the soil surface--usually in the spring--is crucial t... Read More »

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