Ecosystems in the Tropical Rain Forest Biome?

Answer The tropical rain forest is the most biologically diverse of all the ecosystems. Rain forests in South America, Asia and elsewhere provide a habitat for countless species of flora and fauna. Though... Read More »

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Temperate Rain Forest Biome Characteristics?

The temperate rain forest is a relatively rare biome. The largest stretch is along the northwest coast of North America, from northern California up through southern Alaska. Smaller examples of thi... Read More »

Cobras in the Tropical Rain Forest?

Cobras are venomous snakes belonging to the Elapidae reptile family. Many of these snakes live in tropical forest habitats, which provides shelter and food for the cobras. When threatened, most cob... Read More »

How to Create a Food Web for a Tropical Rain Forest?

Tropical rain forests are complex ecosystems with a multitude and variety of animals, plants, insects and birds. Food webs are complicated by the diet of various species eating at many levels thro... Read More »

How many plants are there in the tropical rain forest?

The California Institute of Technology's Space Radiation Lab reports the rain forest to be home to around 30 million species of animal and plant life. The rain forest is home to around two-thirds o... Read More »