Eclectus Parrot Information?

Answer The scientific name for the Electus parrot is Electus roratus, according to Electus parrots are commonly kept as house pets. These parrots should be kept in cages between 39 and 5... Read More »

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How big can the Eclectus parrot get?

The Eclectus parrot (Eclectus roratus) is large-bodied parrot with a short tail. As an adult, both the male and female reach a length of 35 centimeters (13.75 inches) from head to tail and weigh 45... Read More »

The Behavior of an Eclectus Parrot?

Eclectus parrots are so named for the eclectic range of colorations the birds display, depending on their sex and species. These birds hail from the Cape York area of Australia, and have become pop... Read More »

How much should a person pay for an eclectus parrot?

The four most popular Eclectus subspecies available are the Solomon Island, Red-sided, Vosmaeri and the Grand Eclectus parrots. They should be purchased at prices between $600 and $2,000 each, depe... Read More »

How much does an eclectus parrot cost?

According to pet listings in June 2010, an eclectus parrot in the United States costs anywhere between $500 and $1,800. This price depends on availability and where you're getting the parrot from. ... Read More »