Ebook reader that runs on USB?

Answer yes, of course; Kindle does, for one. go check out for lots of info

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Can the PSP be used as a ebook reader?

You can read electronic books (ebooks) on the PlayStation Portable (PSP). If you have your PSP configured to run homebrew software, the utility Bookr allows you to read PDF and other file formats d... Read More »

How to Use an iPhone as an Ebook Reader?

The Amazon Kindle, Stanza, and iBooks are popular free Ebook reader applications that are available for the iPhone. These Ebook reader applications allow you to access and read hundreds of thousand... Read More »

Ebook Reader Programs?

Before the iPad and Amazon Kindle became widely used methods of reading books electronically, software existed that allowed individuals to download and read electronic books, usually as PDFs. Ebook... Read More »

How to Choose an eBook Reader?

eBook devices are an exciting and evolving technology offering access to many books through one electronic reader. As with all new technologies, there are many factors to consider before purchasing... Read More »