Ebay: buyer sent item i didn't want?

Answer When you win a bid on eBay you have then entered a contract with the sellerto buy it at the price agreed. That agreement stands in Law.Just because you couldn't be bothered to read the description ... Read More »

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Ebay buyer isnt canceling when they dont want the item?

Contact ebay... eBay always has sellers backs... They cant really do anything other than give you a negative, but they shouldnt be able to do that bcz the transaction was canceled... eBay has an in... Read More »

Ebay seller sent me the wrong item - what should I do?

Help! I just won an ebay item I don't want!?

---UPDATE - Yes! I certainly think you could use this in your defense. Just send them an email and see......--I just read your added comments. If it was only £13.50 then it's not really worth it, ... Read More »

If you have an iPhone 3GS 32gb on O2 contract you want to sell it on eBay can a buyer use this phone if they too have an O2 pay monthly sim card or is it locked to mine only?

Planimetric maps depict only the two-dimensional relationships of points. They shows the geographic location of features on a horizontal plane, but don't show the elevation.Thematic maps convey spe... Read More »