Eating with braces 13 yrs old?

Answer The first week I would suggest eating only soft foods or cut up food. Like pulled pork sandwiches, Jell-o, PBJ, rice, soup, hot cereal, oatmeal, smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream, mashed potatoes, s... Read More »

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When I had braces.. I did find it easier to use my tongue to mush stuff up with than chew with my teeth. Eat stuff like applesauce and bread... tomorrow will be A LOT easier then today, you should... Read More »

What foods should I not be eating after getting my braces?

I got my braces put on yesterday as well. My orthodontist said soft food such as soup, mashed potatoes, porridge, yogurt, applesauce and even very overcooked pasta. The less chewing the better. Jus... Read More »

Can eating brake your braces?

Not likley it would have to be really really hard food I mean like rock hard :pWhy do people have to be so snotty with there answers its a good question I was just as worried with mine when I had t... Read More »

Can you eat chips on 1st week of braces n if their is no pain n is it normal if braces have blak spot on side?

Yeah its fine,i had soft food for the first week like noodles,soup,pasta.But as long as the chips arent burnt or hard.The black spot depends how big it is it could just be a mark from the braces/st... Read More »