Eating vegan at a Greek restaurant?

Answer Almost nothing actually.Greeks cook EVERYTHING (even veggie dishes like spinach pie) in loads of butter.Most everything will have meat (specifically lamb) in it.They use LOTS of dairy products like... Read More »

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Is it wrong to enjoy eating a rare steak sandwich while standing outside of a vegan restaurant?

Not as long as you're sharing it with me.

Is chobani greek yogurt vegan?

Yogurt is a dairy product. Dairy is, by definition, not vegan.

Restaurant on My Big Fat Greek Life?

Best vegan restaurant ambience in LA?

It's been so long since I've had good sweet and sour spare ribs (aka, over 10 years) and the whole lack of eating meat thing kinda puts a crimp in it. I saw this on the menu and decided to give it ... Read More »