Eating month old ice cream?

Answer No most likely not but it wont taste good it might have got a freezer burn. So you can eat it and enjoy ....if you can

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Can I get sick from eating 3-month-old ice cream cake?

You would be surprised at how much your mind will factor into this equation. If you aren't sure about it 100 percent in your mind you will run a greater chance of FEELING ill.As stated in another c... Read More »

How long can a 6 month old go without eating?

ive read your problem and i think you or one of your parents should go on this site: this site is about flower remedies that helps most of your pro... Read More »

How do I eat fish after not eating it for a month?

This isn't the right section if you're asking for how to get back into meat eating. Anyway, you're parents are completely wrong about special proteins being found only in meat. You need to correc... Read More »


Actually, yes. According to "The Fertility Diet", a serving of full fat dairy per day will help your hormones be at the right levels. Low fat dairy is bad for fertility, because the female hormon... Read More »