Eating in Atlanta: do's and don'ts: (Coke museum area)?

Answer Surin of thailand is amazing!; Surin baskets bbq Chicken and fried rice soft shell crab If your there on a Monday with no children you should go next door to the Spoken word show [not... Read More »

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When should I go to bed after eating at that time and drinking coke?

Leave it about 2/3 before going to bed, after foodfish and chips gresey so shouldnt really eat that after 7pm drink some milk before you go to bed if u have a gresey meal late at night


YOU IDIOTS COKE IS NOT MAKING HER FAT AT ALL!!! Nor does she not need to eat anything healthier. Coke actually ruins your appetite and makes you lose your hunger!!!!!! However, what also happens wh... Read More »

Top Bars in the Atlanta Area?

Atlanta is both the biggest city and the capital of the southern state of Georgia. Atlanta is home to many attractions, including cultural landmarks, historic sites, performing arts venues, aquariu... Read More »

Do's and Donts for a tumourThx?

If it's a microadenoma, that means it is not cancerous.One of the main problems with a pituitary microadenoma is that it can make more of certain hormones than your body needs (about three fourths ... Read More »