Eating after applying lotion?

Answer There are two possible solutions for this.The first one relates to your hand's health: if your hands are really dry constantly (like if it is something genetic) you should keep applying lotion freq... Read More »

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Directions for Applying Lotion Under the Eyes?

If you have dark circles under your eyes, puffiness or fine lines and wrinkles, an eye lotion can help minimize their appearance. The skin under the eyes is delicate and thin, so applying eye lotio... Read More »

Does anyone else like eating lotion?

How do vegetarians justify killing and eating plants/fungi and eating their eggs (i.e. fruit)?

The lack of a central nervous system basically covers that.Everyone draws the line somewhere. In western countries, most omnivores draw the line somewhere between puppies and calves. Vegetarians dr... Read More »

I Really want to try eating cat meat, I Like Beef and Goat, Horse, Chicken, I dont see whats wrong with eating?

Apart from societal taboos it may not be the best thing health-wise to eat "cat" meat. Such meat should be considered as game because a cat can and does eat all kinds of things that it can catch ou... Read More »