Easy ways to fall asleep for 13 year old?

Answer If you studied properly then just don't think about sleeping because it will take longer to sleep if your try to force yourself. Here is what helps me sleep fast- get a towel and wash it with reall... Read More »

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Are there any easy ways to fall asleep before bed at night if your not really tired?

I SWEAR counting sheep helps. it works for me everytimethough it is cliche~ and people says it doesnt work it does for me

Ways to fall asleep :|?

cut on carbs. bread. it turns to starch when digested and body is overfed with sugar, then your mind has trouble falling asleep. eat healthy food without caffein, dont over-exercise, and read somet... Read More »

Fast and easy way to fall asleep?

Hello! =)You're obviously anxious or excited for it, haha try to jus relax and act like tomorrows an ordinary day, that way you'll stop thinking about it & jus fall asleep :) If nothing helps, try ... Read More »

Ways to help fall asleep?

Definitely go on to YouTube and search ASMR or soft spoken or whisper videos. I have struggled with sleep problems my entire life and these videos are what puts me to sleep every single night! It m... Read More »