Easy to make French food?

Answer Buy yourself a copy of the French Menu cookbook,one of the best French food cook books ever writtenit might be hard to find but well worth it. It is written by Richard Olney , if you put in the nam... Read More »

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How to Make an Easy French Twist Updo?

The French twist is an up-do hairstyle that can be formal or casual; some women find the French twist convenient for everyday, especially to keep hair out of the way. French twists are best for med... Read More »

How to Make a Quick and Easy French Onion Soup?

Many recipes for French onion soup call for sautéing the onion in a roux, making your own beef broth, and then tossing the whole concoction into the oven. Who has time for that anymore? Follow thi... Read More »

Great but easy food for a 14 year old to make.?

This looks hard but is really easy. You can make it with either ham or turkey slices. Get them as thick as bologna. Get some frozen broccoli spears and heat them up a bit in the Microwave. Make su... Read More »

Easy food to make while babysitting?

Mac and Cheese was at the top of my listHot dogsCorn dogsFrench friesFish sticksTator totsPizzaPeanut Butter and Jelly sandwichPeanut Butter and Jelly on crackers - let the kids make them all and p... Read More »