Easy-to-Make Balloon Arch?

Answer Balloon arches make a fun addition to any party or event that you are planning. They can dramatize the entrance or stand on stage around a podium. You can hire a balloon specialist to come in and m... Read More »

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How to Make a Balloon Arch?

Oh how lovely they look, arching gracefully over an entrance - but how in the world did the decorators get those balloons to stay in an arch shape? It's pretty easy.

How do I make a balloon arch with a fishing line?

Cut Fishing LineTie one end of fishing line to the back of a folding chair. Cut the fishing line at a large enough length to allow for an arch when the helium balloons pull it up. Tie the other end... Read More »

How to Make a Very Easy Balloon Sword?

So you bought a bag of long skinny balloons for the party. Your plan is to try twisting them. How hard can it be, right? Well if you've figured out how to blow them up, here is one of the most popu... Read More »

Easy Water Balloon Experiments?

Water balloons are a summertime favorite. But their only purpose isn't to throw at unsuspecting friends; you can experiment with water balloons. Test the distance a balloon can fall without breakin... Read More »