Easy Ways to Solve Word Problems Involving Distances?

Answer Most distance problems that have one character can be solved using the Speed Equation (i.e., speed equals distance divided by time, or s = d/t for short). Problems with two characters can be solved... Read More »

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How to Solve Word Problems Involving Time?

Oh, the joys of homework. It comes home with the children and they ask for help. Word problems can be difficult for early readers if their reading skills are not strong, because they don't grasp wh... Read More »

Easy Ways to Do Algebra Word Problems?

In high school, liking algebra isn't exactly common. Even if you like it, enjoying algebra and being good at it are two completely different things. Much of the time, algebra takes concentration, s... Read More »

How to Solve Math Problems Involving Basic Arithmetic?

Doing math and understanding math are two different things. If you can explain how to use the subtraction algorithm, but you can't explain why the algorithm works, you don't really understand subtr... Read More »

Effective Ways to Solve School Uniform Problems?

While some contend that school uniforms create a desired uniformity that has been tied to a reduction in everything from bullying to school violence, others point to issues planning and implementin... Read More »