Easy Ways to Sell Wrapping Paper in Your Neighborhood?

Answer Wrapping paper sales are a popular fundraising method. Many children sell wrapping paper to raise money for their schools and sports teams. The easiest place to begin selling is your neighborhood. ... Read More »

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Who invented wrapping paper?

Modern gift wrap was created in 1917 by Joyce Clyde Hall and his brother Rollie, the founders of Hallmark Cards. During the Christmas holiday season, they ran out of solid-colored tissue paper (the... Read More »

How is wrapping paper made?

Wrapping paper comes in many forms, ranging from special occasion wraps to tissue paper and unusual homemade papers. Making wrapping paper can be relatively easy or a full-fledged project and wrapp... Read More »

How much wrapping paper is used at Christmas?

According to the UK newspaper The Guardian, approximately 8,000 tons of wrapping paper is used each year at Christmas. This translates into approximately 50,000 trees. Increasingly, eco-conscious i... Read More »

Can you recycle wrapping paper?

On One Hand: You Can Recycle Wrapping PaperWrapping paper is something you often use once and throw away. This practice can be wasteful and hazardous to the environment. Fortunately for you and t... Read More »