Easy Things to Do with my Hair?

Answer 1 messy pony2 messy bun3 a cute headband/clip4 a plait coming from under hair near your ear over your hair to the other side like a headband5 plait,fishbraid?6 plait it on the evening, wake up and ... Read More »

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What are easy things and cheap things to make?

What to do after living with mom for years in nice home with quality things all stolen from siblings after her death and they lie and will not speak to me will not admit anything just I had easy life.?

Unfortunately there is no easy way to answer this for you or to make you feel better but child birth is difficult for everyone but at your age you will have extra obstacles and yes it does and will... Read More »

Things to do with hair (no products)?

ok do this and i promise it will be betterolive oilwash your hair thoroughly and rinse it off, after that apply a little tiny bit of olive oil to your roots (like....less the the width if a finger ... Read More »

How to Get Easy Wavy Hair With No Heat?

You can have straight hair to achieve this wavy style, and there's no heat involved! All you need is some spray, a mousse, and a hair tie.