Easy Science Projects With Rockets?

Answer Science projects involving rockets can be a really fun, engaging activity for children of all ages and a fascinating way to learn about topics such as motion, thrust and chemical reactions. There a... Read More »

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Science Projects on Rockets?

A rocket is a self-contained vehicle that uses solid or liquid fuel to propel itself, which means it is operable in space. The first reported use of a rocket-propelled device was a bird built by th... Read More »

Science Fair Projects for Alka Seltzer Rockets?

Alka Seltzer rockets are a popular science fair project due to the ease of use of this common household medicine. Its ingredients, when combined with water, create a chemical reaction that can be b... Read More »

Science Fair Projects About Rockets Powered by Air and Water?

Rockets make great science fair projects to demonstrate scientific principles such as propulsion. Air- and water-powered rockets allow a person to launch a rocket without the danger of unwanted fir... Read More »

Science Fair Projects for Sixth-Graders on Rockets?

An excellent sixth-grade science fair project in the aeronautics category is the creation of a rocket. Rockets allow students to explore Newton's Laws of Motion, and are a fun and hands-on way to ... Read More »