Easy & Creative Science Projects With M&Ms for the Seventh Grade?

Answer Science projects using M&M's candies are creative and tasty. With a few materials, seventh graders can test the melting point, watch as the M floats off of the chocolate, determine the most efficie... Read More »

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Easy Seventh-Grade Science Projects?

Get your seventh-graders acquainted with more complicated science ideas by having them complete easy science projects. Their work can focus on research using books, journals and the Internet, or th... Read More »

Seventh Grade Science Fair Projects With the Solar System?

The seventh grade science fair solar system project has come a long way since the foam balls on wire of years ago. Granted, that's a classic way to illustrate the solar system as a model, but these... Read More »

Science Projects for the Seventh Grade?

Students carrying out seventh-grade science projects can focus efforts on their own original experiments. This helps students understand and appreciate the science involved in their work, as the th... Read More »

Ideas for Seventh Grade Science Projects?

Seventh grade science projects can be categorized by the major disciplines: biology, chemistry physics and earth science. Students can conduct in-depth research for their science projects or compl... Read More »