Easy Costumes for 17th Century America?

Answer Clothing worn by early American colonists were practical, durable garments. In 17th-century America, nearly everyone had to work hard simply to stay alive. While most people worked the land raising... Read More »

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17th Century Men's Costumes?

The 17th century was a time of changes of all kinds in Europe and America, and fashion was no exception. While fashion changed significantly during the seventeenth century, there are several articl... Read More »

17th-Century Hairpieces?

The pomp and circumstance of the 17th-century royal courts was one to behold. Portraits of monarchs and their courts exude ceremony and wealth. The fashion trends of the time were set or broken by ... Read More »

17th Century Hats for Men?

During the 17th century hats were a must-have accessory for both men and women. A man was to always have his hat on his head or under his arm in public. Common hats from the time period include th... Read More »

Hairstyles of the 17th Century?

Hairstyles have come a long way in the past hundred years. The 17th century was no different. As the 16th century and Queen Elizabeth's influence waned, a new technology made new styles possible an... Read More »