Easy Children's Duct Tape Crafts?

Answer Duct tape is durable and inexpensive, which makes it ideal for making toys and crafts for children. Once available only in gray, duct tape now comes in a variety of colors and designs, such as flam... Read More »

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Instructions for Duct Tape Crafts?

Since the invention of duct tape during World War II, people have been securing and repairing everything from window blinds to appliances with the sticky substance. Sportsmen, campers, gardeners an... Read More »

How to Sell Duct Tape Crafts?

Duct tape is like the force. It has a dark side, and a good side, and it holds the universe together.Here's a how-to on selling your duct tape stuff.

How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet (Easy)?

This is a variation of a duct tape wallet that you may find easier than the method described in Make a Duct Tape Wallet.

Is it safe to use duct tape in place of electrical tape?

Duct tape is not safe to use in place of electrical tape. Electrical tape is created so that it will not catch on fire when overheated. The fabric component of duct tape makes it more likely to bur... Read More »