Easy Animals to Draw?

Answer Basic drawing begins with simple shapes: the circle, square, rectangle and more. Look for the shapes in the picture you are trying to draw and start with sketching those. Don't worry if your first ... Read More »

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How to Sew Fun and Easy Stuffed Animals?

This basic stuffed animal requires no pattern, just imagination and about an hour of time. It is an easy project to do with kids and fun enough to keep everyone entertained. It won't look like the ... Read More »

How to Draw Animals?

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How to Draw Different Animals?

Drawing animals can be a fun and enjoyable pastime; many people find find animals to be particularly interesting subjects to sketch. With just a few basic drawing techniques, you can draw various t... Read More »

How to Draw Beach Animals?

Are you learning how to swim in the beach during the summer and getting puzzled by its shore animals? Learn more about them by following this simple tutorial of how to draw beach animals.