Easiest way to quit smoking ?

Answer There is no easy way. I used

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What is easiest way to quit smoking?

I realize that what you're saying is a cry for help but you're defeating yourself with your own words."I been smoking for 10 years" or "I smoke like a chimney" or "the more i think about it the mor... Read More »

What is the easiest way to quit smoking ?

Smoking is responsible for 87 percent of lung cancers, according to Medline Plus. Quitting reduces the risk of health issues such as heart disease, stroke and lung disease. But giving up cigarettes... Read More »

Whats the easiest way to quit smoking?

Cold turkey. Chew gum, eat sweets, whatever. But don't touch another cig again.And if you're in England, stay away from pubs.

Easiest way to quit smoking over a long period of time Please help?

if you are smoking 5 sticks a day, reduce it to 4 sticks after a period of time then 3 and so on.....dont rush it cause you might feel anxious and you can have a mental breakdown. u can do it! and ... Read More »