Earthquake Safety Drills for Students?

Answer The ground begins to rumble. The room begins to shake. Earthquakes can be terrifying, especially for kids. Preparing students for this disaster can save lives and help them handle the chaos. Studen... Read More »

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Outdoor Earthquake Safety?

If you live in (or are visiting) an area that is prone to earthquakes, you should make doubly sure that you fully understand safety measures for both inside structures as well as outside. It is con... Read More »

Office Earthquake Safety?

When an earthquake strikes, it's always without warning. No one is ever fully prepared for a quake and the damage that can occur, damage caused not only by the main shock but also by aftershocks. I... Read More »

Ten Tips for Earthquake Safety?

It is highly likely that if you live in an earthquake zone you will experience an earthquake on at least one occasion. Therefore, it is important that you know how to prepare for an earthquake befo... Read More »

Earthquake Safety for Schools?

An earthquake is extremely dangerous, but there are some steps that every person can take to reduce the risks and make getting through a seismic event a little more predictable. The Federal Emergen... Read More »