Earthquake Projects for Kids?

Answer Natural disasters splash across the front page, and Hollywood action-adventure blockbusters focus on them to capture kids' imaginations with high drama. When the disaster story of the day is an ear... Read More »

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Earthquake Projects for School?

Earthquakes happen when tectonic plates beneath the Earth's crust grind together. The plates are actually floating, which allows them to shift and grind together. Pressure builds up and the plates... Read More »

Earthquake Resistant Building Projects?

Earthquakes are a constant danger to buildings, especially taller ones. This has led to the development of various technologies to help make buildings resistant to earthquakes (though there is no w... Read More »

Earthquake Projects for Middle School?

Earthquakes, such as the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and the San Francisco one in 1906, caused a lot of damage to buildings and killed many people. Earthquake projects in schools teach students about ... Read More »

Earthquake Science Projects for 6th Graders?

Sixth grade science standards require students to learn lessons in earth science. To understand plate tectonics, students will study fault lines, volcanoes and earthquakes. Lessons include locating... Read More »