Earthquake Activities for Kids?

Answer Earthquakes can happen anywhere, but some areas of the country are more prone to earthquakes than others. If you work with children in an area prone to earthquakes, take the kids on a field trip to... Read More »

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Earthquake Projects for Kids?

Natural disasters splash across the front page, and Hollywood action-adventure blockbusters focus on them to capture kids' imaginations with high drama. When the disaster story of the day is an ear... Read More »

Earthquake Activities for the Classroom?

Including activities in lesson plans is a great way to get students more involved with the learning process. After teaching lessons on earthquake hazards, seismic waves, and tectonic plates, follow... Read More »

Kids Information on Earthquake Safety?

When it comes to earthquakes, kids need to know how to stay safe. Unlike most other natural disasters--hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.--we don't know when to expect earthquakes. Therefore, it is import... Read More »

Classroom Earthquake Activities Using Candy?

Using candy can be a good way to motivate your students by promising a tangible reward at the completion of their studies. By tying scientific concepts to real-world objects, it also helps bring ed... Read More »