Earth Science Presentation Activities?

Answer Earth science focuses on the sciences and relates to planet Earth. Earth sciences often include the disciplines of geology, meteorology, oceanography and biology, which help students gain a better ... Read More »

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Cumulative Earth Science Activities?

Earth science covers a large variety of topics including everything happening on, inside and above the earth. Subjects that fall under the realm of earth science include the weather, volcanoes and ... Read More »

Earth Science Interactive Activities?

Earth science is a broad field which incorporates several disciplines, such as biology, chemistry and physics, and which encompasses several others, such as geology, oceanography and meteorology. I... Read More »

Earth Science Classroom Activities?

Each child in kindergarten through the 12th grade learns some level of earth science. Allow students to become a part of the lesson by feeling various types of rock, investigating and presenting ex... Read More »

Earth & Space Science Activities?

Learning about the Earth and space is an essential part to an elementary school student's science instruction. Information on the topic is vast, with only a limited amount of time to teach it. By e... Read More »