Earth Day Projects for Young Kids?

Answer Since the first Earth Day was announced in 1970, every April 22 has been set aside to celebrate our planet. Earth Day is a great time to teach kids about the environment and for giving gentle lesso... Read More »

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Earth and Geology Science Projects for Kids?

Geology is a type of earth science that involves the composition, processes and structure of the earth. It also includes studying the changes in the earth over time, as well as the organisms that i... Read More »

Young Toddlers' Art Projects?

Provide toddlers with the right materials and time to explore and they will make art they can be proud of. Encourage their attempts and make it a point to save some of their earliest works as a rec... Read More »

Creative Art Projects for Young Children?

Art is a language that crosses the boundaries of countries and time. Music, paintings, plays, dance, and photography are just some of the forms that art takes. A work of art can convey a feeling, a... Read More »

Science Projects for Young People?

A science project is an interactive way for young people to learn about science. For younger children these should not be too complex and should spark their natural curiosity. A science project can... Read More »