Ears still swollen after days of treatment?

Answer Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your sea salt solution every time you do your soak. This will help the keloid disappear. Don't drain it. It's just collagen in granulation, not puss. It's trying ... Read More »

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I stretched my ears 2 days ago to a 2g but one of my ears still hurts?

Learn to type.No one cares or has sympathy if you're inflicting this upon yourself.Take them out or man up.

Swollen ear lobes after stretching my ears?

As long as you didn't skip a gauge, you should be fine. A little soreness, redness, and swelling is has happened to me every time I've stretched my ears. Usually by the next day the s... Read More »

You started feeling breast tenderness 3 days after unprotected sex on your fertile days The breasts are still hurting since then am 4 days before next periodCould you be pregnant?

Answer Yes.My first symptom of pregnancy was sore breasts. This happened at 8 days after conception (6 days before period was due) and they stayed sore for 4 months. I initially thought I needed... Read More »

Swollen left ear, 3 days after piercing. Is it normal?

Your situation sounds pretty normal to me. Be diligent when cleaning your ears as you have been and the problem should clear up. If it continues to swell or looks like it is getting infected, then ... Read More »