Earrings That Don't Hurt Your Ears?

Answer Not all earrings are created equal. Some of them are made of inferior metal which can irritate your ears. Even if your earrings are of high quality, you may be sensitive to certain types of metal. ... Read More »

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Why do my ears hurt when i put on earrings?

yes it is infected. get some earring hole cleaning fluid from a piercing place and wash each ear out every time you take out and out in earrings until it stops.

Everytime i put in earrings on, my ears turn red and they hurt. How do i relieve the pain on my earlobes?

HiThere could be many explanations to your problem..the idea is to weed the situations out..until you find the reason..then correct it...redness and soreness can be due to a number of things...1. a... Read More »

Do the ear buds that come with the Ipod hurt your ears?

I bought an Ipod Nano and the earplugs that came with it hurt my ears. I bought some better ones separately that feel great and stay in. They have the foam on them that you squeeze down right bef... Read More »

How to Pick Earrings for when You Pierce Your Ears?

You're ready to pierce your ears, but what earrings should you get?