Early pregnancy cramps after orgasm have lasted for 5-10 mins now is this normal?

Answer yes it is normal for cramps to last a while just make sure you dont see any blood or go to the dr asap

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Is it normal to have menstrual cramps during the early stages of pregnancy?

depends on the woman Some cramping is normal most of the time due to the uterus stretching. If the cramping is accompanied by bleeding go to the emergency room or see a doctor immediately. Especial... Read More »

Is it normal to feel cramps during early pregnancy?

Answer Hi,I would have to say yes . When I was pregnant i felt cramps in early pregnancy due to my body was strecthing and shifting into place for the baby. Or the cramps could be due to early con... Read More »

Is it normal to feel occasional mild cramps on the left side during early pregnancy?

Can cramps after masturbation be a early sign of pregnancy?