Early Victorian Style Rugs?

Answer The Victorian style of interior design is a colorful and lavish option for home decor. During the Victorian era, bold color choices and ornate furniture were the common theme. While the style was o... Read More »

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How to Create an Early Victorian Hat?

The Victorian era, which lasted from 1837 to 1901, encompassed many different fashion styles that evolved from decade to decade. The ever-changing trends also extended to accessories, such as hat s... Read More »

Early Victorian Wedding Hairstyles?

The Victorian era stretched over the period of Queen Victoria of England's reign, from 1837 to 1901. The Victorian era is known for its elaborate costumes and hairstyles. Today, few women have the ... Read More »

Characteristics of Early Victorian Literature?

The Victorian period began roughly around the time of the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign in 1837 and ended around her death in 1901. Some literature published before Queen Victoria's reign, su... Read More »

What type of window treatments were used in the early Victorian era?

Early Victorian era window treatments consisted of both curtains and draperies, although middle-class families only used curtains. Spring and summer draperies were white muslin, while fall and wint... Read More »