Early Termination of a Leased Vehicle?

Answer When a person cannot afford to make the lease payments on a vehicle, one option is to simply return the vehicle. However, this is a bad idea for many reasons. The good news is that a number of opti... Read More »

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How do I sell a leased vehicle?

Contact BankCall your leasing institution. Ask the banking representative what the "buy-out" amount--the amount to purchase your vehicle and own it outright--is. The representative should give you ... Read More »

Can I deduct sales tax on a leased vehicle?

On One Hand: It is DeductibleSales tax paid for a leased vehicle is deductible on federal income tax returns, along with all other state and local sales tax. However, deductions must be itemized to... Read More »

Can a Car Dealer Give Me Cash for My Leased Vehicle?

A dealer can only give you cash for your leased vehicle if your car's value exceeds your lease buyout amount. A dealer must pay your leasing bank for the car's value before purchasing. You might be... Read More »

How to Calculate Finance Charges on a Leased Vehicle?

At some point, you may want or need to have a new car. You may also want to weigh the cost differences between leasing and buying before you make your decision. One way to compare costs is to figur... Read More »