Early Spring Vegetable Garden Plants?

Answer Home vegetable gardens are an economical way to bring fresh, healthy foods into your home. Selecting early vegetables for garden planting depends on what foods you and your family enjoy. Several ea... Read More »

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How early should you start a vegetable garden in Utah?

The average planting date for hardy vegetables in Utah is in the range of late March through September. Vegetable planting times in Utah vary depending on the gardener's location. According to the ... Read More »

How Early Should One Start a Vegetable Garden in Utah?

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Shady Vegetable Garden Plants?

A shady garden provides many opportunities to grow a variety of edible plants. Leafy vegetables do best in low-light conditions while root vegetables grow well in gardens that are shady for at leas... Read More »

How much space do vegetable plants need in a garden?

Vegetable plants need enough room to grow to their mature height and width without being crowded. Space large plants like tomatoes and eggplant 30 inches apart, cucumber and cantaloupes 2 to 4 feet... Read More »