Early Signs of Social Behavior Problems in Kindergarten?

Answer Not all children who misbehave have social behavior problems. Kindergarten classrooms are full of energetic, immature little people who sometimes hit, kick or call each other names. However, some b... Read More »

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Behavior Problems in Kindergarten?

Each time she makes a mistake at school, put an `X' under her name. each time she does well in school, put a a circle. At the end of the month, if she has more circles than X's, give her all someth... Read More »

How to Talk With a Teacher for Behavior Problems in Kindergarten?

Facing a dragon teacher about a child's behavior problems in kindergarten is every parent's nightmare. When you put a group of five-year old children who don't know each other in a confined space w... Read More »

Early Warning Signs for Auto Motor Problems?

Suddenly your car engine has learned how to do the cha-cha. Maybe it has a smoking problem or gets a little "hot-headed" when dealing with heavy traffic; perhaps it's beginning to sound like a bowl... Read More »

How early can you apply for early Social Security?

You can apply for Social Security as early as age 62. However, unless you wait until your full retirement age, your monthly benefit amount will be permanently decreased. The full retirement age is ... Read More »