Early Child Games?

Answer Advancements in technology have undoubtedly helped education, as teachers can use SMART Boards and Internet videos to enhance lessons. Parents can harness technology, too, and use video gaming cons... Read More »

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If your first child was born early will the next one be early too?

Answer Not necessarily, each pregnancy and delivery is different. Answer no sometimes there are reasons for a early delivery and maybe there was a reason for the baby coming it has nothing to do ... Read More »

What should a child do if another child wants to play sexual games with them?

Answer You should ask her why she is doing that. Be very understanding. Is someone hurting her? Let her know that you are there for her, but what she is doing is not okay. She might just be wat... Read More »

Early Multiplication Games?

Multiplication is a vital part of math education throughout a student's school life, but younger children will struggle to concentrate on a list of questions straight from a textbook. It's importan... Read More »

Stages of Early Child Education?

Children develop at different paces, but there is a general correspondence between age and ability to learn. Most children fall within the normal range of development, and the pace of their ability... Read More »