Early American Settlements in Massachusetts?

Answer Nearly every American elementary school student knows the story of Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock and the somewhat romanticized story of the first Thanksgiving. A majority of these New World set... Read More »

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What is early american furniture?

Early American furniture can add a touch of class and culture to any room. Genuine pieces are worth a lot of money, while reproductions offer the style with a more refined and crisp look.HistoryEar... Read More »

Early American Cookware?

People tend to take their kitchen gadgets and utensils for granted but, up until the 20th century, cooking was a time-consuming and laborious business, as well as a labor of love. Early Americans h... Read More »

Early American Art Projects?

The Early American period, also known as the colonial period, covers America's history from roughly 1607 to its founding as a nation in 1776. The Europeans who settled Britain's North American colo... Read More »

Early American Decorating Ideas?

Whether your home is a modern construct or a historic structure, decorating in the early American style can help add a more natural, classic look. The early American style typically refers to Ameri... Read More »