Early American Settlements in Massachusetts?

Answer Nearly every American elementary school student knows the story of Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock and the somewhat romanticized story of the first Thanksgiving. A majority of these New World set... Read More »

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Early American Cookware?

People tend to take their kitchen gadgets and utensils for granted but, up until the 20th century, cooking was a time-consuming and laborious business, as well as a labor of love. Early Americans h... Read More »

Early American Art Projects?

The Early American period, also known as the colonial period, covers America's history from roughly 1607 to its founding as a nation in 1776. The Europeans who settled Britain's North American colo... Read More »

Early American and English Silhouette Art?

Silhouette art originated in France in the 1600s, moved through England and reached the height of its popularity in the United States in the late 1700s. Silhouette cutting began as an amusement fo... Read More »

How to Read Early American Writing?

Technology has witnessed the titanic digitization of writing and penmanship. With electronic, universally recognized characters in place, legibility has become less of an issue. Yet at the beginnin... Read More »