Early 60s Hairstyles?

Answer Hair style trends helped give the early 1960s an identity of its own. Big hair with lots of volume swept the nation among both men and women. It usually takes a lot of hair and a lot of work to cre... Read More »

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Hairstyles of the Early 1980s?

Fashion and styles are always reinventing themselves with changing decades, and hair is no exception. Every era seems to have a few popular hairstyles favored and worn by multitudes of people. The ... Read More »

Hats & Hairstyles of the Early 1900s?

When Queen Victoria died in 1901, society was being thrust forward in Europe and the states. The industrial revolution sped up production and communication, and the suffragette movement signaled a ... Read More »

Early Victorian Wedding Hairstyles?

The Victorian era stretched over the period of Queen Victoria of England's reign, from 1837 to 1901. The Victorian era is known for its elaborate costumes and hairstyles. Today, few women have the ... Read More »

Popular Hairstyles in the Early 1900s?

While many of the customs and fashions of the early 1900s may seem old-fashioned, women of that period began to experiment more with new clothing and hairstyles. As the early years of the century u... Read More »