Earlobe piercing bleeding after 4 months?

Answer Mine did that ! Just clean it with either the stuff you got when you had it pierced or a little salt water. It just helps to kill off any bacteria, then it should stop in about a week or so, mine d... Read More »

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Is it normal for ear lobe piercing to keep bleeding and pussing after 3 months of piercing it?

Three months is well beyond the reasonable window you can expect it to heal in.Chances are you have an allergic reaction to the studs, or an otherwise over-active immune system. Rinse the holes wit... Read More »

Sore lip piercing after 6 months?

It is pierced actually through your lip or is it pierced right below your lip? If it is actually through your lip then that is probably never going to heal properly and is awful placement. If a pie... Read More »

Crusties and pus on earlobe piercing?

The crust is telling you it's actually healing. I suggest cleaning it and putting some meds on it and leaving it alone. Try not to let the sports you are involved in get in the way of your ear. Goo... Read More »

Is it better to only breastfeed for six months and after six months also use some other food such as bananas or can you use these after three or four months?

Answer it is recommended to only breastfeed the first 6 months... Answer I hear that breastfeeding keeps the impurities of every-day germs out of a child's system- I would breastfeed him till he is... Read More »